Consonance Therapy Institute

Consonance Therapy Institute is a platform for training psychologists to work with various types of trauma based on the author’s innovative Consonance Therapy method authored by Svetlana Lipinska.

Our students receive a fundamental system of conscious management of the therapeutic process from the first meeting to the desired result for the client.

What is the Consonance Therapy method, and how does it differ from existing methods?

Consonance Therapy is an innovative trauma-focused method based on the idea that the cause of various human problems lies in unintegrated psychological traumas of different types. Trauma affects all levels of perception, distorting the personality. The author of the method identified patterns of trauma formation and proposed algorithms for their deactivation at each level, which allows for the complete elimination of the consequences of traumatization and the restoration of healthy personality reactions.

The know-how of the Consonance Therapy method includes:

  • working with each type of trauma by a single therapist simultaneously on four levels
  • a two-stage system of working with the traumatized personality, ensuring the emotional safety of the process
  • a system for managing the therapeutic process from the first meeting to the complete resolution of the request
  • algorithms for finding the emotionally charged core of each type of trauma
  • mental and physical criteria for verifying the correctness of the therapeutic process
  • description of healthy personality patterns in the body
  • physical markers of emotions and a protocol for safe expression of emotions
  • protocols for working with each type of trauma, instructions, and tools
  • personality structure adapted in the body

Consonance Therapy guarantees the client a 100% problem resolution without the possibility of its return. All educational programs of the institute are based on this method and are conducted by the author themselves.

The author of the innovative method Svitlana Lipinska’s Consonance Therapy.

My name is Svetlana Lipinska. As a psychotherapy educator, the focus is on teaching therapists to effectively manage the therapeutic process, guaranteeing clients a solution to their requests. An effective system for working with various types of psychological trauma has been developed. Holding a Master’s degree in Psychology, certification as a trauma therapist, supervisor, and training coach has been achieved. Membership is held in the Ukrainian and Polish Associations of Trauma Therapists. Expertise lies in the field of body psychology and trauma work, with experience in psychology since 1994 and teaching since 1985. Psychotherapists have been trained since 2006. Four books have been written, and training programs for the institute have been authored. Co-founding the Consonance Therapy Institute in Warsaw is among the accomplishments. Over 800 trainings, events, and masterclasses have been conducted, with more than 5,000 people participating. Currently living and working in Warsaw.